Friday, May 22, 2015

Ticks and Delightful Dijon

I am at my wit's end with ticks! 

I have a fenced in yard (1/4 acre) that borders a woods and every time that Cuffy (our dog) runs around the yard, she gets one or more ticks. Today I even found one on me. Yuck. I really don't want to use topical flea and tick treatment, but I will if I have to. So my friends. Do you have any suggestions for natural treatments/preventatives for dogs? Or yards? I am ready to get chickens! 

Ok, enough of gross stuff like ticks. 

Continuing on with my parade of the new In Colors, today's card is all about the color Delightful Dijon. It reminds me of More Mustard but way prettier. Just like Dijon mustard tastes way better than regular mustard!
Stampin' Up! Choose Happiness stamp set. Monochromatic card made with Delightful Dijon, an In Color 2015-2017. Handmade card by Lisa Young, Add Ink and Stamp.
I really had fun with this card, mainly because the Choose Happiness stamp set has so many different images. Therefore, it is easy to create a monochromatic collage type card. 

All supplies are Stampin' Up! and can be ordered from my Online Store.

Stamps: Choose Happiness
Card Stock: Whisper White, Delightful Dijon
Ink: Delightful Dijon

In case you missed my card with Cucumber Crush, click Here. 

And I am serious about suggestions for my tick dilemma!


Julie T. said...

Hi, I read on FB where a lady used a lint roller on her dog and herself to remove ticks. Sounds weird but she said it worked great. Might want to give it a try.

Sharon said...

it's garlic based. not sure how it works, but I've heard about using garlic as a deterrent, in the past. hope it works.

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