Friday, August 22, 2014

Let's Talk Storage

But before I talk storage - I need to set the stage so to speak. Or you can just scroll down to the pictures. 

I have been a Stampin' Up! demonstrator for over 13 years so my Stamping Area is always a work in progress as I find new ways to keep my things organized. Our basement is partially finished so I have always been able to have an area for stamping and classes. But.

This past winter I had to pack up all of my stamping stuff. You see we live near an airport where F15's are kept. They are VERY noisy so we qualified for a free (to us) sound proofing package - meaning we got super duper new windows and doors, central air, plastered walls and ceilings and new paint. It is awesome now that it is over. But in order for all of that to be done, we had to pack up everything that wasn't in a cupboard or closet. Basement too. And I mean all. We were only allowed to keep a loveseat, tv, table and chairs, and mattress in the house!  So not only did I have to pack up all my stamping stuff, it had to be stored, along with the contents of our house, in a large metal "box/pod" in our driveway for 7 weeks. I was able to keep a minimal amount of stamping things that could be stored in a closet. That was it. The good part is, the entire experience has led me to downsize and reorganize! And that is where I am going with this. Admit it. You were wondering. 

Here is my Stamping Area now. Sorry I don't have a before picture. 

My space went from 10 x 12 to 7 x 7. We've always had a drop ceiling with fluorescent lighting but with the new duct work for the central air, I lost some lighting so I have an Ott Lite if I need it. The walls used to be yellow so I painted them white even though the picture above looks green. I love that now the only color in my area is from my card stock, paper and ink. Also, I have found through trial and error that I need my things in the open where I can see them and be able to grab them easily. Cupboards just don't work well for me. 

So going from the left to right is my Paper Storage Rack similar to this one. It is a plastic coated metal rack with 30 shelves and it holds my 12 x 12 paper. I bought mine for $10 from a friend who bought it from a scrapbook store that went out of business. I went from this to what you see now which is so much better for me. It's in the open - I see it - I use it.
I hand labeled the names of the paper (all Stampin' Up!) and have the Collections first and then the individual packs - all alphabetical. The scraps are in individual page protecters with a label in the corner. At the bottom of the rack I keep the Glimmer paper, Vellum, etc.

 To the right of the paper I have  a 7 foot table lined with three of these 31" Closetmaid shelves and one 24" Closetmaid shelf. Some are leftover from my daughters' college dorm days. The others I found at Home Depot. 

The first shelf holds my Lockdown Punch Organizer and my whale style punches.
I bought my Lockdown Punch Organizer from Organize More. I signed up for their daily deals and around Valentines Day, it was such a good deal I purchased it, and the ink pad/marker organizer.
Here it is right out of the box. I went back and forth between Organize More and Stampin' Storage for a punch organizer. I finally went with Organize More because it was less expensive with the sale and it held more punches. It was already painted white which was huge for me. I will talk about that in another post. It is also lighter in weight so I can move it easily. The compartments are not foam board and they are not a wood composite but something sturdy and light. I love this organizer! I used to keep my punches in a 6 drawer plastic iris cart and it drove me crazy. I also tried the towel racks on the wall but that meant I had to get up and walk across the room. That lasted about a week. Lol.

I don't want to overload this post with pictures so I will post more pictures tomorrow. I can't wait to show you my Blendabilities storage!


Joanne Travis said...

Wow, what an awesome and beautifully organized space. I wish you many happy stamping hours here :)

jayoshal said...

Thanks so much for the pictures and helpful hints. I'm always looking for ways to up date my storage. Great crafting area!

Doris said...

Looks like you and I think alike! I'm the same way about having to store things where I can see them or I forget to use them. I also had a metal paper rack that I bought for $25 from a store that went out of business. I recently changed to a file drawer using a system I saw on Jennifer McGuire's blog with precut cardstock on my table top. That works much better for me--I don't have to get up anymore for paper! Almost everything I use is within reach of my desk chair on wheels. Can't wait to see what else you've done with your new space.

mamadoveonabox said...

I am still working out of a folded up table I take out when I stamp and a metal shelving unit that one might see in a garage. I use iris bins for paper and I have been searching for the right this and that. I have the hardest time stamping when I cannot see what I have. Thank you for all the ideas. Once my little ones share more of the multipurpose room your ideas are going to be extremely helpful! You cards give me insperation and now over time your storage research will help too. Thank you for taking the time, storage is a monster! Perhaps today I will make one item easier to work with! Blessings Jenn

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