Monday, August 25, 2014

Let's talk storage, Day 4; card stock and Big Shot

I'm back with the last of my Stamp Area tour.
In case you want to read about it in its entirety - here you go.

Day 1 found Here = Room at a glance; 12 x 12 paper storage; Punch storage
Day 2 found Here = Ink Pad/Stampin' Write Marker storage; Blendabilities storage, sponges and embellishment storage
Day 3 found Here = Stamp storage, Embossing Powder, glitter, adhesives, clear blocks storage; Ribbon storage

This will be the final post of my Stamp Area - I promise! 
As I continue to move left to right around my Stamp Area, I come to a bookcase with adjustable shelves and a cupboard on the bottom. I picked it up years ago. It, and a matching chest of drawers was along the side of the road marked Free. They were both covered in stickers but I made my husband stop and we loaded them into our van and brought them home. I cleaned off the stickers and scrubbed them really well and both pieces have served me well!
On the very top shelf are my current Bigz dies. On the next shelf I have my Stampin' Success magazines in plastic containers. And on the largest shelf is my Card Stock storage system. 

I used the system of a large plastic bin for years. And I loved it! Here is an old picture.
Each color of card stock had its own plastic envelope similar to these only 8 1/2 x 11. I kept the full sheets and the scraps in the envelope. The envelopes were filed alphabetically by color (the librarian in me). The bin had a lid so I could keep the card stock covered. But the bin rested on a low book case which I don't have room for. So I tried keeping it on the table but there just wasn't enough room there either.

About 3 months ago I began researching a new, and preferably affordable, way to keep my card stock. I needed it to be easily accessible and where I could see it. I looked at Display Dynamics  and Media Shelving. I also wrote to Organize More and asked if they were going to offer Card Stock/Paper storage. They do offer a 6 shelf unit for 12 x 12. I requested a 10 shelf unit for 8 1/2 x 11 because I love my other storage units from them. They said they are actually working on some so stay tuned. So I waited and waited. I guess it is taking them longer than planned? I just couldn't wait any longer so then I began to think about the 8 1/2 x 11 Paper Holders from Stamp n Storage. They are all wood, they are costly, and they would need to be painted. After my beastly experience painting my Literature Rack, I wasn't sure I wanted to that again (times 5). But I measured my shelf space and they would easily fit so I saved and broke down and ordered 5 Paper Holders. If you buy in groups of 2 it is cheaper so that helped. They arrived within a week. Yay!

If you read the description on their website it says that all of the dividers come out but the middle one. Well I pulled and I wiggled and I got out maybe half of the dividers in each unit. That would not do because I needed to paint the insides plus I wasn't sure I would use all of the dividers (which I don't). So I emailed Stamp n Storage and got a prompt reply. They emailed me shipping labels and had me box up the paper holders and send them back and they would send me 5 more and make sure the dividers were easily removed - all paid by them. Yay! Great customer service! 

I received the 5 new ones and they were perfect. I removed the dividers and primed and painted everything but the dividers. 
I put back all of the dividers but the bottom one. That larger space is where I keep by extra unopened packs of card stock. I have one unit for every color family plus one for the In Colors. So far I really like them and have no regrets buying them. 

I keep my card stock scraps in page protecters, labeled by color. Except Very Vanilla and Whisper White. Those are kept in the large plastic envelopes above my Neutrals Paper Holder. Between the 2 envelopes is a plastic bin with any punched or die cut shapes that I haven't used yet. 

When my mother in law passed away this year and we had to sell the house and contents, the only thing I wanted to keep was her kitchen island! Our kitchen is too small for an island but it works perfectly for my paper cutter and Big Shot!.

My Framelits and Embossing Folders are kept in another shoe box- size plastic bin. In the bottom of the box is a Stampin' Up! divider/insert meant for Bigz dies. But I use it for the Framelits. The embossing folders are in front of the framelits. 
For now this system works but I am still trying to find a better way to store them. 

And that is my Stamp Area. It is small but it works and I like it. Note: The other side of the room is large enough to hold tables for classes. Also, all opinions and reviews are my own. I was not paid or asked by any particular company to review. 

Thanks for stopping by.


Catherine Bowers said...

Lisa- thank you for showing storage that is affordable, and practical. I don't have a whole room or $50,000 for a stamping area, so I appreciate your style or using what you have and carefully planning purchases. Thanks for sharing.

Parker said...

I'm pooped just from thinking of how much work you did to achieve this special room of yours. Now go have a ton of fun. said...

Hi Lisa. I really enjoyed a tour of your craft room! Well done. Enjoy.

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