Sunday, August 24, 2014

Let's Talk Storage, Day 3; Stamp Set Storage and more.

If you missed the pictures of my overall Stamp Area, you can Click Here, Day 1, to see it and read about it. I featured my paper storage system and my punch storage system. 

Click Here, Day 2, to see pictures of my Ink Pad and Marker storage and Blendabilities 

Today, Day 3, I have pictures of my Stamp Set Storage and adhesives, embossing powders, clear blocks, etc. If you look at my Stamp Area I am moving left to right. 

Before our refinished basement was redone, I had floor to ceiling book shelves on the entire wall. They were leftover from the days when my husband had his office in the home. In order to put in the duct work for the Central Air, the shelves had to go. Those shelves were where I stored all of my stamp sets. Hundreds and hundreds of stamp sets. 

Now I am only putting my current Stampin' Up! stamp sets in my Stamp Area. My storage solution was to make a shelf with Foam Board. It worked beautifully but isn't as sturdy as wood or plastic. 

Here is what I use now.
They are two, 3-shelf Media racks on their sides (the black shelves). 
Here is a close up.
They are intended to stand upright and store dvds. I measured them and found that when placed on their sides, one on top of another, they make a fabulous way to store stamp sets! I stumbled upon them in a discount store for only $8 each. They came in hot pink, lime green, and black. I chose black so it would contrast with the white stamp sets and not clash with my ink, paper, card stock colors!

This set of stamp shelves rests upon another 31" Closetmaid shelf which in turn rest on my 7 ' stamp table. On those shelves I keep plastic containers/boxes with a variety of things.
My dimensionals are in a Stampin' Up! Wood Mount case. My adhesives and glue dots are in a plastic bin. Water color paper and blender pens are in another plastic bin. By the way - I store my water color brushes upright in a jar.

Also in a plastic bin are my clear blocks. I tried the Stampin' Up! Clear Block Caddy Storage and it was just too time consuming. Plus I have more than one of some of the blocks. I use the Caddy Storage when I have a workshop instead. So I am on the lookout for a better way to store the blocks and when I find it, I will let you know. If you have any suggestions, please share!

My dazzling diamonds glitter is in a container with spoon and a lid. I have used that method for years and love it. Bottles of Dazzling Details and my containers of glitter are in a small bin. My embossing powders are in a clear plastic pencil box. And the final plastic bin is embossing powder that I have in individual plastic containers with lids. Once I use them up, I am not going to replenish the container. I will just use the containers they come in. Also in that bin is my embossing tray, embossing buddy, and a piece of cardboard wrapped in foil. I clothespin my project to that and heat emboss it. The foil heats it up faster and the close pin keeps it in place.

Some stampers use cloth bins but I like clear plastic. They are sturdy, easy to clean, and I can sort of see what is in them. Right now everything is labeled by hand. I do hope to get a Label Maker because I label everything in my house! If you have any reviews/opinions on different brands or styles of Label Makers - please share!!

One last picture. Moving to the right - on the end of my table I have a 24" Closetmaid shelf (just cause I already had it and didn't want to buy a 31" when this would do).
On top of that shelf I have a literature organizer similar to This One but mine is wooden and homemade I think. I have it resting on its side by the way. And this thing is why I went with the already- painted organizers from Organize More! It was a beast to paint! I removed all of the particle board inserts and painted those as well as the wooden shell. Then I only put half of them back in so I would have wider compartments. That was a tough job getting them out and back in.

I use it for: catalogs, stencils, stamp-a-ma-jig and paper piercing packs. I have my scissors and paper piercer in a small mason jar. Another compartment holds a small jar with my water color brushes (always brush side up) and aqua painters. In front of that is a small jar with my pencils, pens, chalk pen, etc. The last compartment has my cleaners, and a water spritzing bottle.

On the shelf below I have a ribbon storage piece made with foam board. I have really downsized with my ribbon due to the post office and their pickiness over "bumps" on my cards. Below my ribbon and washi tape are my containers for water coloring and a bin for ribbon scraps and my Bakers Twine. Eventually I will wrap the Baker's Twine around wooden spools used for thread. I don't like the kinks that they come with when left wrapped around the Stampin' Up! packaging.

Oh. And on the very top is a big mug that holds my heat tool - always plugged in.

Thanks for stopping by. And I apologize for the lengthy post.


Marla said...

Lovely storage space, Lisa! The fact that it is 7 x 7 gives me hope that I, also, contain within that amount of space. And, your hundreds and hundreds of stamps... Did you get rid of them? I appreciate these three articles. They are definitely not too long...but helpful!

Kim In Texas said...

Thank you so much for sharing. I'm always looking for ideas on how to improve my organization.

Parker said...

You've done a fantastic, big, time-consuming job and now you are being rewarded for it. Blessings for sharing what you've done for us Uncreative souls. Thanks.

Mitzi Luttrull said...

Very nice Lisa.

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