Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bridal Box Tutorial

 I put together a picture tutorial for the Bridal Box I created using the Petal Cone Bigz die. I tried to be as clear as possible but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

 If you missed that blog post and the Control Freak's Blog tour featuring Wedding Projects, click HERE. You can still take the tour - just follow the links. It's worth it!

 I tried to conserve cardstock as you will see.
1. Cut 2 of everything with the Petal Cone die and Large Heart punch. Use a Crease Pad!
2. Cut one, 11" piece of Scallop from the Tasteful Trim. Cut it into 3 pieces and emboss.
3. You will need to make a bottom flap for the box. That way it stays securely closed. 
4.To attach the bottom flap from step #3, two of the petal cone box's flaps need to be cut. Refer to the photo.
5. After you cut of 2 of the flaps from the bottom of the box, make sure you trim them so they are 1" wide. They will go on the front of the "dress".
6. I placed the bottom of the box so it opened in the back.
7. Make sure the scallops line up. Attach with sticky strip.
8. Attach the 2 half circles and heart bodice.
9. In this photo I left the back of the bodice plain. In the 3rd photo above it is embossed. Either one works.
10. Tie a 6" piece of ribbon around the waist. Trim to fit.
11. Ten punched bitty flowers and one 3/4" circle.
12. Crumple the little flowers and attach one by one to the circle building up the bouquet. Add tiny pearls to the center of each visible flower. Trim the banner sashes and attach to the back of the bouquet.
13. Add medium sized pearls to the scallop trim.

 This could be done in different colors for bridesmaid dresses or party dresses. 


Created By You said...

This is lovely Lisa, thanks for the fabulous tutorial! I think it will go well with my petal cone cake box and can't wait to make one!!
Sharon F.

Shelley said...

This is great! Thanks so much!!

Chellie B said...

What a labor of love this was! Thank you for being so generous in sharing your time and talent so that others can try their hand at this bridal box. Wow.

mamia (me and mine in Alabama) said...

I absolutely love this bridal box. thanks for the tutorial, you are amazingly generous and talented.

God bless,


Steph said...

Wow! I loved this box when I saw it on your blog over the weekend. Thank you for the tutorial. Just curious, will a standard size gift card fit in the box?

Tilly said...

this petal cone box is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing.

Tilly said...

This box is just beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial with us.

Marla said...

Thank you so much for sharing! The box is unique and beautiful!

Maria Matonti said...

Thanks so much for sharing your great projects and awesome instructions!

Kim Score said...

thanks so much for sharing! I know my readers will appreciate seeing this on my inspiration post tomorrow.

Peggy said...

You are very talented person. Your generosity in providing a picture tutorial is such a great treat. Thank you.....very much. {{Hugs}}

Claudia Perry said...

WOW - this is STUNNING! Thanks for sharing the tutorial too!

MKercado said...

Gorgeous, thank you for the tutorial

scooter1203 said...

This is absolutely beautiful!!! I'm planning to make this for my daughter's wedding shower. This is a WOW! favor! Thank you soooo much!

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